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Your specialist in insurance and investment advice!

Guiding values as assurance and transparency characterize our ambition to provide optimized solutions to our clients. Of course, we also advise you in French and German!

Insurance agency PAC.O

Different life stages are characterized by changing needs – so insurances should stay suitable, even in assurance and quality. We take care of your insurance coverage and always provide support without delay to our clients. As a reliable and customer-oriented partner, we offer professional advice and assistance in diferent fields of insurance matters.

Investment counselling PAC.O

Money investments, investments in securities or financial security – it can be difficult to find the best type for an individual investment. We back our clients, to accomplish their personal investment goals together!


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About us

PAC.O e.U.

Insurance, finance and investment counselling are complex and extensive fields, which are characterized by changes. To meet these increasing demands in an efficent way, we have established a less bureaucratic and fast servicing of retail and business customers. A wide-range Network of specialists in different areas of expertise (e.g. insurance companies, lawyers and tax consultants) enforces the creation of Know-How-bundled solutions and strategies.

Due to our international activities, we are able to match our customer´s demands all over Europe.

Olivier Pacaut

Olivier Pacaut studied business economics at Academie de Grenoble. After moving to Austria in 1994, he worked for several well-known insurance companies until 2003 - when he founded PAC.O.